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Cheshire Jewels ~CheshireManufacturing Co. 1850-1901

Meetings held at 
Grace Lutheran Church, 222 Farmington Ave, Rt. 10,
Plainville CT
Hours: 9AM-3PM

For More Information CONTACT:
 Laurel Durso 860-283-0525 [email protected]
Anita Cody 203-452-7283 [email protected]

August 21, 2021
​   Program:  See Friends, Look at Buttons, Bring Pandemic Creations

October 23, 2021
    Program: Cut Steel Buttons presented by Deb Bernier

Febrary 5, 2022  is now CANCELLED due to inclement weather
snow date February 12th   

     Program:  80th Anniversary Celebration: Display of Memories

March 26, 2022
     Program:  Members Auction

October 29, 2022
     Program: TBA

...dedicated to the dissemination of information among its members and to the preservation of all that is beautiful and historical in buttons
Borden's Eagle Brand ~Scoville, Manufacturing Co./mid 19th c.
Waterbury companies or Ball and Socket Manufacturing Co., Cheshire CT - Work Clothes 1900-1930s
Welton Jewel -Ball and Socket  Manufacturing Co., Cheshire CT, mid 19th c
Benedict and Burnham, Waterbury CT, mid 19th c.